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MHNet: Multi-view High-order Network for Diagnosing Neurodevelopmental Disorders Using Resting-state fMRI
Background: Deep learning models have shown promise in diagnosing neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) like ASD and ADHD. However, many models either use graph neural networks (GNN) to construct single-level brain functional networks (BFNs) or employ spatial convolution filtering for local information extraction from rs-fMRI data, often neglecting high-order features crucial for NDD classification. Methods: We introduce a Multi-view High-order Network (MHNet) to capture hierarchical and high-order features from multi-view BFNs derived from rs-fMRI data for NDD prediction. MHNet has two branches: the Euclidean Space Features Extraction (ESFE) module and the Non-Euclidean Space Features Extraction (Non-ESFE) module, followed by a Feature Fusion-based Classification (FFC) module for NDD identification. ESFE includes a Functional Connectivity Generation (FCG) module and a High-order Convolutional Neural Network (HCNN) module to extract local and high-order features from BFNs in Euclidean space. Non-ESFE comprises a Generic Internet-like Brain Hierarchical Network Generation (G-IBHN-G) module and a High-order Graph Neural Network (HGNN) module to capture topological and high-order features in non-Euclidean space. Results: Experiments on three public datasets show that MHNet outperforms state-of-the-art methods using both AAL1 and Brainnetome Atlas templates. Extensive ablation studies confirm the superiority of MHNet and the effectiveness of using multi-view fMRI information and high-order features. Our study also offers atlas options for constructing more sophisticated hierarchical networks and explains the association between key brain regions and NDD. Conclusion: MHNet leverages multi-view feature learning from both Euclidean and non-Euclidean spaces, incorporating high-order information from BFNs to enhance NDD classification performance.
updated: Wed Jul 03 2024 15:45:48 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Jul 03 2024 15:45:48 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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