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AnyMaker: Zero-shot General Object Customization via Decoupled Dual-Level ID Injection
Text-to-image based object customization, aiming to generate images with the same identity (ID) as objects of interest in accordance with text prompts and reference images, has made significant progress. However, recent customizing research is dominated by specialized tasks, such as human customization or virtual try-on, leaving a gap in general object customization. To this end, we introduce AnyMaker, an innovative zero-shot object customization framework capable of generating general objects with high ID fidelity and flexible text editability. The efficacy of AnyMaker stems from its novel general ID extraction, dual-level ID injection, and ID-aware decoupling. Specifically, the general ID extraction module extracts sufficient ID information with an ensemble of self-supervised models to tackle the diverse customization tasks for general objects. Then, to provide the diffusion UNet with the extracted ID as much while not damaging the text editability in the generation process, we design a global-local dual-level ID injection module, in which the global-level semantic ID is injected into text descriptions while the local-level ID details are injected directly into the model through newly added cross-attention modules. In addition, we propose an ID-aware decoupling module to disentangle ID-related information from non-ID elements in the extracted representations for high-fidelity generation of both identity and text descriptions. To validate our approach and boost the research of general object customization, we create the first large-scale general ID dataset, Multi-Category ID-Consistent (MC-IDC) dataset, with 315k text-image samples and 10k categories. Experiments show that AnyMaker presents remarkable performance in general object customization and outperforms specialized methods in corresponding tasks. Code and dataset will be released soon.
updated: Fri Jul 05 2024 13:10:51 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Jun 17 2024 15:26:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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