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Data Augmentation in Earth Observation: A Diffusion Model Approach
The scarcity of high-quality Earth Observation (EO) imagery poses a significant challenge, despite its critical role in enabling precise analysis and informed decision-making across various sectors. This scarcity is primarily due to atmospheric conditions, seasonal variations, and limited geographical coverage, which complicates the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in EO. Data augmentation, a widely used technique in AI that involves generating additional data mainly through parameterized image transformations, has been employed to increase the volume and diversity of data. However, this method often falls short in generating sufficient diversity across key semantic axes, adversely affecting the accuracy of EO applications. To address this issue, we propose a novel four-stage approach aimed at improving the diversity of augmented data by integrating diffusion models. Our approach employs meta-prompts for instruction generation, harnesses general-purpose vision-language models for generating rich captions, fine-tunes an Earth Observation diffusion model, and iteratively augments data. We conducted extensive experiments using four different data augmentation techniques, and our approach consistently demonstrated improvements, outperforming the established augmentation methods, revealing its effectiveness in generating semantically rich and diverse EO images.
updated: Mon Jun 10 2024 12:33:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Jun 10 2024 12:33:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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