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2DP-2MRC: 2-Dimensional Pointer-based Machine Reading Comprehension Method for Multimodal Moment Retrieval
Moment retrieval aims to locate the most relevant moment in an untrimmed video based on a given natural language query. Existing solutions can be roughly categorized into moment-based and clip-based methods. The former often involves heavy computations, while the latter, due to overlooking coarse-grained information, typically underperforms compared to moment-based models. Hence, this paper proposes a novel 2-Dimensional Pointer-based Machine Reading Comprehension for Moment Retrieval Choice (2DP-2MRC) model to address the issue of imprecise localization in clip-based methods while maintaining lower computational complexity than moment-based methods. Specifically, we introduce an AV-Encoder to capture coarse-grained information at moment and video levels. Additionally, a 2D pointer encoder module is introduced to further enhance boundary detection for target moment. Extensive experiments on the HiREST dataset demonstrate that 2DP-2MRC significantly outperforms existing baseline models.
updated: Mon Jun 10 2024 11:53:29 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Jun 10 2024 11:53:29 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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