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1st Place Winner of the 2024 Pixel-level Video Understanding in the Wild (CVPR'24 PVUW) Challenge in Video Panoptic Segmentation and Best Long Video Consistency of Video Semantic Segmentation
The third Pixel-level Video Understanding in the Wild (PVUW CVPR 2024) challenge aims to advance the state of art in video understanding through benchmarking Video Panoptic Segmentation (VPS) and Video Semantic Segmentation (VSS) on challenging videos and scenes introduced in the large-scale Video Panoptic Segmentation in the Wild (VIPSeg) test set and the large-scale Video Scene Parsing in the Wild (VSPW) test set, respectively. This paper details our research work that achieved the 1st place winner in the PVUW'24 VPS challenge, establishing state of art results in all metrics, including the Video Panoptic Quality (VPQ) and Segmentation and Tracking Quality (STQ). With minor fine-tuning our approach also achieved the 3rd place in the PVUW'24 VSS challenge ranked by the mIoU (mean intersection over union) metric and the first place ranked by the VC16 (16-frame video consistency) metric. Our winning solution stands on the shoulders of giant foundational vision transformer model (DINOv2 ViT-g) and proven multi-stage Decoupled Video Instance Segmentation (DVIS) frameworks for video understanding.
updated: Sat Jun 08 2024 04:43:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sat Jun 08 2024 04:43:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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