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MAIRA-2: Grounded Radiology Report Generation
Radiology reporting is a complex task that requires detailed image understanding, integration of multiple inputs, including comparison with prior imaging, and precise language generation. This makes it ideal for the development and use of generative multimodal models. Here, we extend report generation to include the localisation of individual findings on the image - a task we call grounded report generation. Prior work indicates that grounding is important for clarifying image understanding and interpreting AI-generated text. Therefore, grounded reporting stands to improve the utility and transparency of automated report drafting. To enable evaluation of grounded reporting, we propose a novel evaluation framework - RadFact - leveraging the reasoning capabilities of large language models (LLMs). RadFact assesses the factuality of individual generated sentences, as well as correctness of generated spatial localisations when present. We introduce MAIRA-2, a large multimodal model combining a radiology-specific image encoder with a LLM, and trained for the new task of grounded report generation on chest X-rays. MAIRA-2 uses more comprehensive inputs than explored previously: the current frontal image, the current lateral image, the prior frontal image and prior report, as well as the Indication, Technique and Comparison sections of the current report. We demonstrate that these additions significantly improve report quality and reduce hallucinations, establishing a new state of the art on findings generation (without grounding) on MIMIC-CXR while demonstrating the feasibility of grounded reporting as a novel and richer task.
updated: Thu Jun 06 2024 19:12:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Jun 06 2024 19:12:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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