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Image contrast enhancement based on the Schrödinger operator spectrum
This study proposes a novel image contrast enhancement method based on image projection onto the squared eigenfunctions of the two dimensional Schrödinger operator. This projection depends on a design parameter \(γ\)gamma which is proposed to control the pixel intensity during image reconstruction. The performance of the proposed method is investigated through its application to color images. The selection of \(γ\)gamma values is performed using k-means, which helps preserve the image spatial adjacency information. Furthermore, multi-objective optimization using the Non dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSAG2) algorithm is proposed to select the optimal values of \(γ\)gamma and the semi-classical parameter h from the 2DSCSA. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method for enhancing image contrast while preserving the inherent characteristics of the original image, producing the desired enhancement with almost no artifacts.
updated: Tue Jun 04 2024 12:37:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Tue Jun 04 2024 12:37:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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