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Dynamic Feature Learning and Matching for Class-Incremental Learning
Class-incremental learning (CIL) has emerged as a means to learn new classes incrementally without catastrophic forgetting of previous classes. Recently, CIL has undergone a paradigm shift towards dynamic architectures due to their superior performance. However, these models are still limited by the following aspects: (i) Data augmentation (DA), which are tightly coupled with CIL, remains under-explored in dynamic architecture scenarios. (ii) Feature representation. The discriminativeness of dynamic feature are sub-optimal and possess potential for refinement. (iii) Classifier. The misalignment between dynamic feature and classifier constrains the capabilities of the model. To tackle the aforementioned drawbacks, we propose the Dynamic Feature Learning and Matching (DFLM) model in this paper from above three perspectives. Specifically, we firstly introduce class weight information and non-stationary functions to extend the mix DA method for dynamically adjusting the focus on memory during training. Then, von Mises-Fisher (vMF) classifier is employed to effectively model the dynamic feature distribution and implicitly learn their discriminative properties. Finally, the matching loss is proposed to facilitate the alignment between the learned dynamic features and the classifier by minimizing the distribution distance. Extensive experiments on CIL benchmarks validate that our proposed model achieves significant performance improvements over existing methods.
updated: Tue May 14 2024 12:17:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Tue May 14 2024 12:17:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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