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CDFormer:When Degradation Prediction Embraces Diffusion Model for Blind Image Super-Resolution
Existing Blind image Super-Resolution (BSR) methods focus on estimating either kernel or degradation information, but have long overlooked the essential content details. In this paper, we propose a novel BSR approach, Content-aware Degradation-driven Transformer (CDFormer), to capture both degradation and content representations. However, low-resolution images cannot provide enough content details, and thus we introduce a diffusion-based module CDFormer_diff to first learn Content Degradation Prior (CDP) in both low- and high-resolution images, and then approximate the real distribution given only low-resolution information. Moreover, we apply an adaptive SR network CDFormer_SR that effectively utilizes CDP to refine features. Compared to previous diffusion-based SR methods, we treat the diffusion model as an estimator that can overcome the limitations of expensive sampling time and excessive diversity. Experiments show that CDFormer can outperform existing methods, establishing a new state-of-the-art performance on various benchmarks under blind settings. Codes and models will be available at
updated: Mon May 13 2024 11:13:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon May 13 2024 11:13:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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