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Evaluating Task-based Effectiveness of MLLMs on Charts
In this paper, we explore a forward-thinking question: Is GPT-4V effective at low-level data analysis tasks on charts? To this end, we first curate a large-scale dataset, named ChartInsights, consisting of 89,388 quartets (chart, task, question, answer) and covering 10 widely-used low-level data analysis tasks on 7 chart types. Firstly, we conduct systematic evaluations to understand the capabilities and limitations of 18 advanced MLLMs, which include 12 open-source models and 6 closed-source models. Starting with a standard textual prompt approach, the average accuracy rate across the 18 MLLMs is 36.17%. Among all the models, GPT-4V achieves the highest accuracy, reaching 56.13%. To understand the limitations of multimodal large models in low-level data analysis tasks, we have designed various experiments to conduct an in-depth test of capabilities of GPT-4V. We further investigate how visual modifications to charts, such as altering visual elements (e.g. changing color schemes) and introducing perturbations (e.g. adding image noise), affect performance of GPT-4V. Secondly, we present 12 experimental findings. These findings suggest potential of GPT-4V to revolutionize interaction with charts and uncover the gap between human analytic needs and capabilities of GPT-4V. Thirdly, we propose a novel textual prompt strategy, named Chain-of-Charts, tailored for low-level analysis tasks, which boosts model performance by 24.36%, resulting in an accuracy of 80.49%. Furthermore, by incorporating a visual prompt strategy that directs attention of GPT-4V to question-relevant visual elements, we further improve accuracy to 83.83%. Our study not only sheds light on the capabilities and limitations of GPT-4V in low-level data analysis tasks but also offers valuable insights for future research.
updated: Sat May 11 2024 12:33:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sat May 11 2024 12:33:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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