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A Survey on Personalized Content Synthesis with Diffusion Models
Recent advancements in generative models have significantly impacted content creation, leading to the emergence of Personalized Content Synthesis (PCS). With a small set of user-provided examples, PCS aims to customize the subject of interest to specific user-defined prompts. Over the past two years, more than 150 methods have been proposed. However, existing surveys mainly focus on text-to-image generation, with few providing up-to-date summaries on PCS. This paper offers a comprehensive survey of PCS, with a particular focus on the diffusion models. Specifically, we introduce the generic frameworks of PCS research, which can be broadly classified into optimization-based and learning-based approaches. We further categorize and analyze these methodologies, discussing their strengths, limitations, and key techniques. Additionally, we delve into specialized tasks within the field, such as personalized object generation, face synthesis, and style personalization, highlighting their unique challenges and innovations. Despite encouraging progress, we also present an analysis of the challenges such as overfitting and the trade-off between subject fidelity and text alignment. Through this detailed overview and analysis, we propose future directions to advance the development of PCS.
updated: Thu May 09 2024 04:36:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu May 09 2024 04:36:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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