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Wake Vision: A Large-scale, Diverse Dataset and Benchmark Suite for TinyML Person Detection
Tiny machine learning (TinyML), which enables machine learning applications on extremely low-power devices, suffers from limited size and quality of relevant datasets. To address this issue, we introduce Wake Vision, a large-scale, diverse dataset tailored for person detection, the canonical task for TinyML visual sensing. Wake Vision comprises over 6 million images, representing a hundredfold increase compared to the previous standard, and has undergone thorough quality filtering. We provide two Wake Vision training sets: Wake Vision (Large) and Wake Vision (Quality), a smaller set with higher-quality labels. Our results demonstrate that using the Wake Vision (Quality) training set produces more accurate models than the Wake Vision (Large) training set, strongly suggesting that label quality is more important than quantity in our setting. We find use for the large training set for pre-training and knowledge distillation. To minimize label errors that can obscure true model performance, we manually label the validation and test sets, improving the test set error rate from 7.8% in the prior standard to only 2.2%. In addition to the dataset, we provide a collection of five detailed benchmark sets to facilitate the evaluation of model quality in challenging real world scenarios that are often ignored when focusing solely on overall accuracy. These novel fine-grained benchmarks assess model performance on specific segments of the test data, such as varying lighting conditions, distances from the camera, and demographic characteristics of subjects. Our results demonstrate that using Wake Vision for training results in a 2.49% increase in accuracy compared to the established dataset. We also show the importance of dataset quality for low-capacity models and the value of dataset size for high-capacity models.
updated: Thu Jun 06 2024 16:21:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed May 01 2024 22:33:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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