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Independently Keypoint Learning for Small Object Semantic Correspondence
Semantic correspondence remains a challenging task for establishing correspondences between a pair of images with the same category or similar scenes due to the large intra-class appearance. In this paper, we introduce a novel problem called 'Small Object Semantic Correspondence (SOSC).' This problem is challenging due to the close proximity of keypoints associated with small objects, which results in the fusion of these respective features. It is difficult to identify the corresponding key points of the fused features, and it is also difficult to be recognized. To address this challenge, we propose the Keypoint Bounding box-centered Cropping (KBC) method, which aims to increase the spatial separation between keypoints of small objects, thereby facilitating independent learning of these keypoints. The KBC method is seamlessly integrated into our proposed inference pipeline and can be easily incorporated into other methodologies, resulting in significant performance enhancements. Additionally, we introduce a novel framework, named KBCNet, which serves as our baseline model. KBCNet comprises a Cross-Scale Feature Alignment (CSFA) module and an efficient 4D convolutional decoder. The CSFA module is designed to align multi-scale features, enriching keypoint representations by integrating fine-grained features and deep semantic features. Meanwhile, the 4D convolutional decoder, based on efficient 4D convolution, ensures efficiency and rapid convergence. To empirically validate the effectiveness of our proposed methodology, extensive experiments are conducted on three widely used benchmarks: PF-PASCAL, PF-WILLOW, and SPair-71k. Our KBC method demonstrates a substantial performance improvement of 7.5% on the SPair-71K dataset, providing compelling evidence of its efficacy.
updated: Wed Apr 03 2024 12:21:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Apr 03 2024 12:21:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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