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3DStyleGLIP: Part-Tailored Text-Guided 3D Neural Stylization
3D stylization, which entails the application of specific styles to three-dimensional objects, holds significant commercial potential as it enables the creation of diverse 3D objects with distinct moods and styles, tailored to specific demands of different scenes. With recent advancements in text-driven methods and artificial intelligence, the stylization process is increasingly intuitive and automated, thereby diminishing the reliance on manual labor and expertise. However, existing methods have predominantly focused on holistic stylization, thereby leaving the application of styles to individual components of a 3D object unexplored. In response, we introduce 3DStyleGLIP, a novel framework specifically designed for text-driven, part-tailored 3D stylization. Given a 3D mesh and a text prompt, 3DStyleGLIP leverages the vision-language embedding space of the Grounded Language-Image Pre-training (GLIP) model to localize the individual parts of the 3D mesh and modify their colors and local geometries to align them with the desired styles specified in the text prompt. 3DStyleGLIP is effectively trained for 3D stylization tasks through a part-level style loss working in GLIP's embedding space, supplemented by two complementary learning techniques. Extensive experimental validation confirms that our method achieves significant part-wise stylization capabilities, demonstrating promising potential in advancing the field of 3D stylization.
updated: Wed Apr 03 2024 10:44:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Apr 03 2024 10:44:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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