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Unsegment Anything by Simulating Deformation
Foundation segmentation models, while powerful, pose a significant risk: they enable users to effortlessly extract any objects from any digital content with a single click, potentially leading to copyright infringement or malicious misuse. To mitigate this risk, we introduce a new task "Anything Unsegmentable" to grant any image "the right to be unsegmented". The ambitious pursuit of the task is to achieve highly transferable adversarial attacks against all prompt-based segmentation models, regardless of model parameterizations and prompts. We highlight the non-transferable and heterogeneous nature of prompt-specific adversarial noises. Our approach focuses on disrupting image encoder features to achieve prompt-agnostic attacks. Intriguingly, targeted feature attacks exhibit better transferability compared to untargeted ones, suggesting the optimal update direction aligns with the image manifold. Based on the observations, we design a novel attack named Unsegment Anything by Simulating Deformation (UAD). Our attack optimizes a differentiable deformation function to create a target deformed image, which alters structural information while preserving achievable feature distance by adversarial example. Extensive experiments verify the effectiveness of our approach, compromising a variety of promptable segmentation models with different architectures and prompt interfaces. We release the code at
updated: Wed Apr 03 2024 09:09:42 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Apr 03 2024 09:09:42 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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