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MosquitoFusion: A Multiclass Dataset for Real-Time Detection of Mosquitoes, Swarms, and Breeding Sites Using Deep Learning
In this paper, we present an integrated approach to real-time mosquito detection using our multiclass dataset (MosquitoFusion) containing 1204 diverse images and leverage cutting-edge technologies, specifically computer vision, to automate the identification of Mosquitoes, Swarms, and Breeding Sites. The pre-trained YOLOv8 model, trained on this dataset, achieved a mean Average Precision (mAP@50) of 57.1%, with precision at 73.4% and recall at 50.5%. The integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) further enriches the depth of our analysis, providing valuable insights into spatial patterns. The dataset and code are available at
updated: Mon Apr 01 2024 21:49:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Apr 01 2024 21:49:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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