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Mixed-precision Supernet Training from Vision Foundation Models using Low Rank Adapter
Compression of large and performant vision foundation models (VFMs) into arbitrary bit-wise operations (BitOPs) allows their deployment on various hardware. We propose to fine-tune a VFM to a mixed-precision quantized supernet. The supernet-based neural architecture search (NAS) can be adopted for this purpose, which trains a supernet, and then subnets within arbitrary hardware budgets can be extracted. However, existing methods face difficulties in optimizing the mixed-precision search space and incurring large memory costs during training. To tackle these challenges, first, we study the effective search space design for fine-tuning a VFM by comparing different operators (such as resolution, feature size, width, depth, and bit-widths) in terms of performance and BitOPs reduction. Second, we propose memory-efficient supernet training using a low-rank adapter (LoRA) and a progressive training strategy. The proposed method is evaluated for the recently proposed VFM, Segment Anything Model, fine-tuned on segmentation tasks. The searched model yields about a 95% reduction in BitOPs without incurring performance degradation.
updated: Fri Mar 29 2024 09:22:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Mar 29 2024 09:22:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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