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BarlowTwins-CXR : Enhancing Chest X-Ray abnormality localization in heterogeneous data with cross-domain self-supervised learning
Background: Chest X-ray imaging-based abnormality localization, essential in diagnosing various diseases, faces significant clinical challenges due to complex interpretations and the growing workload of radiologists. While recent advances in deep learning offer promising solutions, there is still a critical issue of domain inconsistency in cross-domain transfer learning, which hampers the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic processes. This study aims to address the domain inconsistency problem and improve autonomic abnormality localization performance of heterogeneous chest X-ray image analysis, by developing a self-supervised learning strategy called "BarlwoTwins-CXR". Methods: We utilized two publicly available datasets: the NIH Chest X-ray Dataset and the VinDr-CXR. The BarlowTwins-CXR approach was conducted in a two-stage training process. Initially, self-supervised pre-training was performed using an adjusted Barlow Twins algorithm on the NIH dataset with a Resnet50 backbone pre-trained on ImageNet. This was followed by supervised fine-tuning on the VinDr-CXR dataset using Faster R-CNN with Feature Pyramid Network (FPN). Results: Our experiments showed a significant improvement in model performance with BarlowTwins-CXR. The approach achieved a 3% increase in mAP50 accuracy compared to traditional ImageNet pre-trained models. In addition, the Ablation CAM method revealed enhanced precision in localizing chest abnormalities. Conclusion: BarlowTwins-CXR significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of chest X-ray image-based abnormality localization, outperforming traditional transfer learning methods and effectively overcoming domain inconsistency in cross-domain scenarios. Our experiment results demonstrate the potential of using self-supervised learning to improve the generalizability of models in medical settings with limited amounts of heterogeneous data.
updated: Fri Feb 09 2024 16:10:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Feb 09 2024 16:10:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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