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Maia: A Real-time Non-Verbal Chat for Human-AI Interaction
Face-to-face communication modeling in computer vision is an area of research focusing on developing algorithms that can recognize and analyze non-verbal cues and behaviors during face-to-face interactions. We propose an alternative to text chats for Human-AI interaction, based on non-verbal visual communication only, using facial expressions and head movements that mirror, but also improvise over the human user, to efficiently engage with the users, and capture their attention in a low-cost and real-time fashion. Our goal is to track and analyze facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues in real-time, and use this information to build models that can predict and understand human behavior. We offer three different complementary approaches, based on retrieval, statistical, and deep learning techniques. We provide human as well as automatic evaluations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each direction.
updated: Fri Feb 09 2024 13:07:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Feb 09 2024 13:07:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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