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TIP-Editor: An Accurate 3D Editor Following Both Text-Prompts And Image-Prompts
Text-driven 3D scene editing has gained significant attention owing to its convenience and user-friendliness. However, existing methods still lack accurate control of the specified appearance and location of the editing result due to the inherent limitations of the text description. To this end, we propose a 3D scene editing framework, TIPEditor, that accepts both text and image prompts and a 3D bounding box to specify the editing region. With the image prompt, users can conveniently specify the detailed appearance/style of the target content in complement to the text description, enabling accurate control of the appearance. Specifically, TIP-Editor employs a stepwise 2D personalization strategy to better learn the representation of the existing scene and the reference image, in which a localization loss is proposed to encourage correct object placement as specified by the bounding box. Additionally, TIPEditor utilizes explicit and flexible 3D Gaussian splatting as the 3D representation to facilitate local editing while keeping the background unchanged. Extensive experiments have demonstrated that TIP-Editor conducts accurate editing following the text and image prompts in the specified bounding box region, consistently outperforming the baselines in editing quality, and the alignment to the prompts, qualitatively and quantitatively.
updated: Tue Apr 02 2024 06:55:59 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Jan 26 2024 12:57:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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