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Vivim: a Video Vision Mamba for Medical Video Object Segmentation
Traditional convolutional neural networks have a limited receptive field while transformer-based networks are mediocre in constructing long-term dependency from the perspective of computational complexity. Such the bottleneck poses a significant challenge when processing long video sequences in video analysis tasks. Very recently, the state space models (SSMs) with efficient hardware-aware designs, famous by Mamba, have exhibited impressive achievements in long sequence modeling, which facilitates the development of deep neural networks on many vision tasks. To better capture available cues in video frames, this paper presents a generic Video Vision Mamba-based framework for medical video object segmentation tasks, named Vivim. Our Vivim can effectively compress the long-term spatiotemporal representation into sequences at varying scales by our designed Temporal Mamba Block. Compared to existing video-level Transformer-based methods, our model maintains excellent segmentation results with better speed performance. Extensive experiments on breast lesion segmentation in ultrasound videos and polyp segmentation in colonoscopy videos demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our Vivim. The code is available at:
updated: Wed Feb 07 2024 09:02:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Jan 25 2024 13:27:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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