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Immature Green Apple Detection and Sizing in Commercial Orchards using YOLOv8 and Shape Fitting Techniques
Detecting and estimating size of apples during the early stages of growth is crucial for predicting yield, pest management, and making informed decisions related to crop-load management, harvest and post-harvest logistics, and marketing. Traditional fruit size measurement methods are laborious and timeconsuming. This study employs the state-of-the-art YOLOv8 object detection and instance segmentation algorithm in conjunction with geometric shape fitting techniques on 3D point cloud data to accurately determine the size of immature green apples (or fruitlet) in a commercial orchard environment. The methodology utilized two RGB-D sensors: Intel RealSense D435i and Microsoft Azure Kinect DK. Notably, the YOLOv8 instance segmentation models exhibited proficiency in immature green apple detection, with the YOLOv8m-seg model achieving the highest AP@0.5 and AP@0.75 scores of 0.94 and 0.91, respectively. Using the ellipsoid fitting technique on images from the Azure Kinect, we achieved an RMSE of 2.35 mm, MAE of 1.66 mm, MAPE of 6.15 mm, and an R-squared value of 0.9 in estimating the size of apple fruitlets. Challenges such as partial occlusion caused some error in accurately delineating and sizing green apples using the YOLOv8-based segmentation technique, particularly in fruit clusters. In a comparison with 102 outdoor samples, the size estimation technique performed better on the images acquired with Microsoft Azure Kinect than the same with Intel Realsense D435i. This superiority is evident from the metrics: the RMSE values (2.35 mm for Azure Kinect vs. 9.65 mm for Realsense D435i), MAE values (1.66 mm for Azure Kinect vs. 7.8 mm for Realsense D435i), and the R-squared values (0.9 for Azure Kinect vs. 0.77 for Realsense D435i).
updated: Tue Apr 02 2024 16:35:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Dec 08 2023 12:10:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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