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GD^2-NeRF: Generative Detail Compensation via GAN and Diffusion for One-shot Generalizable Neural Radiance Fields
In this paper, we focus on the One-shot Novel View Synthesis (O-NVS) task which targets synthesizing photo-realistic novel views given only one reference image per scene. Previous One-shot Generalizable Neural Radiance Fields (OG-NeRF) methods solve this task in an inference-time finetuning-free manner, yet suffer the blurry issue due to the encoder-only architecture that highly relies on the limited reference image. On the other hand, recent diffusion-based image-to-3d methods show vivid plausible results via distilling pre-trained 2D diffusion models into a 3D representation, yet require tedious per-scene optimization. Targeting these issues, we propose the GD^2-NeRF, a Generative Detail compensation framework via GAN and Diffusion that is both inference-time finetuning-free and with vivid plausible details. In detail, following a coarse-to-fine strategy, GD^2-NeRF is mainly composed of a One-stage Parallel Pipeline (OPP) and a 3D-consistent Detail Enhancer (Diff3DE). At the coarse stage, OPP first efficiently inserts the GAN model into the existing OG-NeRF pipeline for primarily relieving the blurry issue with in-distribution priors captured from the training dataset, achieving a good balance between sharpness (LPIPS, FID) and fidelity (PSNR, SSIM). Then, at the fine stage, Diff3DE further leverages the pre-trained image diffusion models to complement rich out-distribution details while maintaining decent 3D consistency. Extensive experiments on both the synthetic and real-world datasets show that GD^2-NeRF noticeably improves the details while without per-scene finetuning.
updated: Fri Mar 29 2024 11:27:32 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Jan 01 2024 00:08:39 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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