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Comparing YOLOv8 and Mask RCNN for object segmentation in complex orchard environments
Instance segmentation, an important image processing operation for automation in agriculture, is used to precisely delineate individual objects of interest within images, which provides foundational information for various automated or robotic tasks such as selective harvesting and precision pruning. This study compares the one-stage YOLOv8 and the two-stage Mask R-CNN machine learning models for instance segmentation under varying orchard conditions across two datasets. Dataset 1, collected in dormant season, includes images of dormant apple trees, which were used to train multi-object segmentation models delineating tree branches and trunks. Dataset 2, collected in the early growing season, includes images of apple tree canopies with green foliage and immature (green) apples (also called fruitlet), which were used to train single-object segmentation models delineating only immature green apples. The results showed that YOLOv8 performed better than Mask R-CNN, achieving good precision and near-perfect recall across both datasets at a confidence threshold of 0.5. Specifically, for Dataset 1, YOLOv8 achieved a precision of 0.90 and a recall of 0.95 for all classes. In comparison, Mask R-CNN demonstrated a precision of 0.81 and a recall of 0.81 for the same dataset. With Dataset 2, YOLOv8 achieved a precision of 0.93 and a recall of 0.97. Mask R-CNN, in this single-class scenario, achieved a precision of 0.85 and a recall of 0.88. Additionally, the inference times for YOLOv8 were 10.9 ms for multi-class segmentation (Dataset 1) and 7.8 ms for single-class segmentation (Dataset 2), compared to 15.6 ms and 12.8 ms achieved by Mask R-CNN's, respectively.
updated: Thu Jul 04 2024 16:00:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Dec 13 2023 07:29:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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