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PIE-NeRF: Physics-based Interactive Elastodynamics with NeRF
We show that physics-based simulations can be seamlessly integrated with NeRF to generate high-quality elastodynamics of real-world objects. Unlike existing methods, we discretize nonlinear hyperelasticity in a meshless way, obviating the necessity for intermediate auxiliary shape proxies like a tetrahedral mesh or voxel grid. A quadratic generalized moving least square (Q-GMLS) is employed to capture nonlinear dynamics and large deformation on the implicit model. Such meshless integration enables versatile simulations of complex and codimensional shapes. We adaptively place the least-square kernels according to the NeRF density field to significantly reduce the complexity of the nonlinear simulation. As a result, physically realistic animations can be conveniently synthesized using our method for a wide range of hyperelastic materials at an interactive rate. For more information, please visit our project page at
updated: Wed Mar 27 2024 23:49:07 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Nov 22 2023 01:58:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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