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Slide-SAM: Medical SAM Meets Sliding Window
Segment Anything Model (SAM) achieves remarkable results in 2D image segmentation of natural images. However, the huge gap between medical images and natural images prevents it directly applied to medical image segmentation tasks. Especially in 3D medical image, SAM cannot learn the contextual relationship between slices, which limites application in real scenarios. In addition, recent research shows that applying 2D SAM to 3D images requires prompting the entire volume, which is time and label comsuming. In order to solve the above problems, we introduced Slide-SAM which extended SAM to 3D medical images. Specifically, you only need to use a single slice prompt to segement the entire volume, which greatly reduces the prompt workload for professionals. Secondly, unlike traditional 3D medical image segmentation, we are free from the influence of computing resources and can still use high resolution (H ×W = 1024 ×1024) for training in 3D images to achieve optimal learning for small targets. This is to combine the entire 3D volume is beyond the reach of training. Finally, we collected a large number of 3D images from large-scale 3D public and private datasets, and extended SAM to 3D medical image segmentation involving bounding box and point prompts. Finally, we perform a comprehensive evaluation and analysis investigating the performance of Slide-SAM in medical image segmentation of different modalities, anatomy, and organs. We have verified Slide-SAM's segmentation capabilities on multiple datasets, achieving the most advanced 3D segmentation performance while maintaining the minimum prompt. Code will be open source soon.
updated: Thu Nov 16 2023 10:45:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Nov 16 2023 10:45:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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