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FedFusion: Manifold Driven Federated Learning for Multi-satellite and Multi-modality Fusion
Multi-satellite, multi-modality in-orbit fusion is a challenging task as it explores the fusion representation of complex high-dimensional data under limited computational resources. Deep neural networks can reveal the underlying distribution of multi-modal remote sensing data, but the in-orbit fusion of multimodal data is more difficult because of the limitations of different sensor imaging characteristics, especially when the multimodal data follows non-independent identically distribution (Non-IID) distributions. To address this problem while maintaining classification performance, this paper proposes a manifold-driven multi-modality fusion framework, FedFusion, which randomly samples local data on each client to jointly estimate the prominent manifold structure of shallow features of each client and explicitly compresses the feature matrices into a low-rank subspace through cascading and additive approaches, which is used as the feature input of the subsequent classifier. Considering the physical space limitations of the satellite constellation, we developed a multimodal federated learning module designed specifically for manifold data in a deep latent space. This module achieves iterative updating of the sub-network parameters of each client through global weighted averaging, constructing a framework that can represent compact representations of each client. The proposed framework surpasses existing methods in terms of performance on three multimodal datasets, achieving a classification average accuracy of 94.35% while compressing communication costs by a factor of 4. Furthermore, extensive numerical evaluations of real-world satellite images were conducted on the orbiting edge computing architecture based on Jetson TX2 industrial modules, which demonstrated that FedFusion significantly reduced training time by 48.4 minutes (15.18%) while optimizing accuracy.}
updated: Thu Nov 16 2023 03:29:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Nov 16 2023 03:29:19 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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