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MVSA-Net: Multi-View State-Action Recognition for Robust and Deployable Trajectory Generation
The learn-from-observation (LfO) paradigm is a human-inspired mode for a robot to learn to perform a task simply by watching it being performed. LfO can facilitate robot integration on factory floors by minimizing disruption and reducing tedious programming. A key component of the LfO pipeline is a transformation of the depth camera frames to the corresponding task state and action pairs, which are then relayed to learning techniques such as imitation or inverse reinforcement learning for understanding the task parameters. While several existing computer vision models analyze videos for activity recognition, SA-Net specifically targets robotic LfO from RGB-D data. However, SA-Net and many other models analyze frame data captured from a single viewpoint. Their analysis is therefore highly sensitive to occlusions of the observed task, which are frequent in deployments. An obvious way of reducing occlusions is to simultaneously observe the task from multiple viewpoints and synchronously fuse the multiple streams in the model. Toward this, we present multi-view SA-Net, which generalizes the SA-Net model to allow the perception of multiple viewpoints of the task activity, integrate them, and better recognize the state and action in each frame. Performance evaluations on two distinct domains establish that MVSA-Net recognizes the state-action pairs under occlusion more accurately compared to single-view MVSA-Net and other baselines. Our ablation studies further evaluate its performance under different ambient conditions and establish the contribution of the architecture components. As such, MVSA-Net offers a significantly more robust and deployable state-action trajectory generation compared to previous methods.
updated: Sat Nov 18 2023 21:51:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Tue Nov 14 2023 18:53:28 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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