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Improving Image Captioning via Predicting Structured Concepts
Having the difficulty of solving the semantic gap between images and texts for the image captioning task, conventional studies in this area paid some attention to treating semantic concepts as a bridge between the two modalities and improved captioning performance accordingly. Although promising results on concept prediction were obtained, the aforementioned studies normally ignore the relationship among concepts, which relies on not only objects in the image, but also word dependencies in the text, so that offers a considerable potential for improving the process of generating good descriptions. In this paper, we propose a structured concept predictor (SCP) to predict concepts and their structures, then we integrate them into captioning, so as to enhance the contribution of visual signals in this task via concepts and further use their relations to distinguish cross-modal semantics for better description generation. Particularly, we design weighted graph convolutional networks (W-GCN) to depict concept relations driven by word dependencies, and then learns differentiated contributions from these concepts for following decoding process. Therefore, our approach captures potential relations among concepts and discriminatively learns different concepts, so that effectively facilitates image captioning with inherited information across modalities. Extensive experiments and their results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach as well as each proposed module in this work.
updated: Tue Nov 14 2023 15:01:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Tue Nov 14 2023 15:01:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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