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Amodal Optical Flow
Optical flow estimation is very challenging in situations with transparent or occluded objects. In this work, we address these challenges at the task level by introducing Amodal Optical Flow, which integrates optical flow with amodal perception. Instead of only representing the visible regions, we define amodal optical flow as a multi-layered pixel-level motion field that encompasses both visible and occluded regions of the scene. To facilitate research on this new task, we extend the AmodalSynthDrive dataset to include pixel-level labels for amodal optical flow estimation. We present several strong baselines, along with the Amodal Flow Quality metric to quantify the performance in an interpretable manner. Furthermore, we propose the novel AmodalFlowNet as an initial step toward addressing this task. AmodalFlowNet consists of a transformer-based cost-volume encoder paired with a recurrent transformer decoder which facilitates recurrent hierarchical feature propagation and amodal semantic grounding. We demonstrate the tractability of amodal optical flow in extensive experiments and show its utility for downstream tasks such as panoptic tracking. We make the dataset, code, and trained models publicly available at
updated: Mon Nov 13 2023 21:21:43 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Nov 13 2023 21:21:43 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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