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Advancing Unsupervised Low-light Image Enhancement: Noise Estimation, Illumination Interpolation, and Self-Regulation
Contemporary Low-Light Image Enhancement (LLIE) techniques have made notable advancements in preserving image details and enhancing contrast, achieving commendable results on specific datasets. Nevertheless, these approaches encounter persistent challenges in efficiently mitigating dynamic noise and accommodating diverse low-light scenarios. Insufficient constraints on complex pixel-wise mapping learning lead to overfitting to specific types of noise and artifacts associated with low-light conditions, reducing effectiveness in variable lighting scenarios. To this end, we first propose a method for estimating the noise level in low light images in a quick and accurate way. This facilitates precise denoising, prevents over-smoothing, and adapts to dynamic noise patterns. Subsequently, we devise a Learnable Illumination Interpolator (LII), which employs learnlable interpolation operations between the input and unit vector to satisfy general constraints between illumination and input. Finally, we introduce a self-regularization loss that incorporates intrinsic image properties and essential visual attributes to guide the output towards meeting human visual expectations. Comprehensive experiments validate the competitiveness of our proposed algorithm in both qualitative and quantitative assessments. Notably, our noise estimation method, with linear time complexity and suitable for various denoisers, significantly improves both denoising and enhancement performance. Benefiting from this, our approach achieves a 0.675dB PSNR improvement on the LOL dataset and 0.818dB on the MIT dataset on LLIE task, even compared to supervised methods. The source code is available at DOI repository and the specific code for noise estimation can be found at separate GitHub link.
updated: Tue Jun 04 2024 10:52:16 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed May 17 2023 13:56:48 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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