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Traffic Scene Parsing through the TSP6K Dataset
Traffic scene perception in computer vision is a critically important task to achieve intelligent cities. To date, most existing datasets focus on autonomous driving scenes. We observe that the models trained on those driving datasets often yield unsatisfactory results on traffic monitoring scenes. However, little effort has been put into improving the traffic monitoring scene understanding, mainly due to the lack of specific datasets. To fill this gap, we introduce a specialized traffic monitoring dataset, termed TSP6K, containing images from the traffic monitoring scenario, with high-quality pixel-level and instance-level annotations. The TSP6K dataset captures more crowded traffic scenes with several times more traffic participants than the existing driving scenes. We perform a detailed analysis of the dataset and comprehensively evaluate previous popular scene parsing methods, instance segmentation methods and unsupervised domain adaption methods. Furthermore, considering the vast difference in instance sizes, we propose a detail refining decoder for scene parsing, which recovers the details of different semantic regions in traffic scenes owing to the proposed TSP6K dataset. Experiments show its effectiveness in parsing the traffic monitoring scenes. Code and dataset are available at
updated: Sat Mar 30 2024 01:21:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Mar 06 2023 02:05:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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