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Deep Learning Based Object Tracking in Walking Droplet and Granular Intruder Experiments
We present a deep-learning based tracking objects of interest in walking droplet and granular intruder experiments. In a typical walking droplet experiment, a liquid droplet, known as walker, propels itself laterally on the free surface of a vibrating bath of the same liquid. This motion is the result of the interaction between the droplets and the surface waves generated by the droplet itself after each successive bounce. A walker can exhibit a highly irregular trajectory over the course of its motion, including rapid acceleration and complex interactions with the other walkers present in the same bath. In analogy with the hydrodynamic experiments, the granular matter experiments consist of a vibrating bath of very small solid particles and a larger solid intruder. Like the fluid droplets, the intruder interacts with and travels the domain due to the waves of the bath but tends to move much slower and much less smoothly than the droplets. When multiple intruders are introduced, they also exhibit complex interactions with each other. We leverage the state-of-art object detection model YOLO and the Hungarian Algorithm to accurately extract the trajectory of a walker or intruder in real-time. Our proposed methodology is capable of tracking individual walker(s) or intruder(s) in digital images acquired from a broad spectrum of experimental settings and does not suffer from any identity-switch issues. Thus, the deep learning approach developed in this work could be used to automatize the efficient, fast and accurate extraction of observables of interests in walking droplet and granular flow experiments. Such extraction capabilities are critically enabling for downstream tasks such as building data-driven dynamical models for the coarse-grained dynamics and interactions of the objects of interest.
updated: Wed Nov 15 2023 22:50:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Jan 27 2023 16:40:54 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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