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WaveMix: A Resource-efficient Neural Network for Image Analysis
We propose a novel neural architecture for computer vision -- WaveMix -- that is resource-efficient and yet generalizable and scalable. While using fewer trainable parameters, GPU RAM, and computations, WaveMix networks achieve comparable or better accuracy than the state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks, vision transformers, and token mixers for several tasks. This efficiency can translate to savings in time, cost, and energy. To achieve these gains we used multi-level two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform (2D-DWT) in WaveMix blocks, which has the following advantages: (1) It reorganizes spatial information based on three strong image priors -- scale-invariance, shift-invariance, and sparseness of edges -- (2) in a lossless manner without adding parameters, (3) while also reducing the spatial sizes of feature maps, which reduces the memory and time required for forward and backward passes, and (4) expanding the receptive field faster than convolutions do. The whole architecture is a stack of self-similar and resolution-preserving WaveMix blocks, which allows architectural flexibility for various tasks and levels of resource availability. WaveMix establishes new benchmarks for segmentation on Cityscapes; and for classification on Galaxy 10 DECals, Places-365, five EMNIST datasets, and iNAT-mini and performs competitively on other benchmarks. Our code and trained models are publicly available.
updated: Sat Mar 30 2024 13:49:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sat May 28 2022 09:08:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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