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L2B: Learning to Bootstrap Robust Models for Combating Label Noise
Deep neural networks have shown great success in representation learning. However, when learning with noisy labels (LNL), they can easily overfit and fail to generalize to new data. This paper introduces a simple and effective method, named Learning to Bootstrap (L2B), which enables models to bootstrap themselves using their own predictions without being adversely affected by erroneous pseudo-labels. It achieves this by dynamically adjusting the importance weight between real observed and generated labels, as well as between different samples through meta-learning. Unlike existing instance reweighting methods, the key to our method lies in a new, versatile objective that enables implicit relabeling concurrently, leading to significant improvements without incurring additional costs. L2B offers several benefits over the baseline methods. It yields more robust models that are less susceptible to the impact of noisy labels by guiding the bootstrapping procedure more effectively. It better exploits the valuable information contained in corrupted instances by adapting the weights of both instances and labels. Furthermore, L2B is compatible with existing LNL methods and delivers competitive results spanning natural and medical imaging tasks including classification and segmentation under both synthetic and real-world noise. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method effectively mitigates the challenges of noisy labels, often necessitating few to no validation samples, and is well generalized to other tasks such as image segmentation. This not only positions it as a robust complement to existing LNL techniques but also underscores its practical applicability. The code and models are available at
updated: Wed Mar 27 2024 22:33:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Feb 09 2022 05:57:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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