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Recent face reenactment works are limited by the coarse reference landmarks, leading to unsatisfactory identity preserving performance due to the distribution gap between the manipulated landmarks and those sampled from a real person. To address this issue, we propose a fine-grained identity-preserving landmark-guided face reenactment approach. The proposed method has two novelties. First, a landmark synthesis network which is designed to generate fine-grained landmark faces with more details. The network refines the manipulated landmarks and generates a smooth and gradually changing face landmark sequence with good identity preserving ability. Second, several novel loss functions including synthesized face identity preserving loss, foreground/background mask loss as well as boundary loss are designed, which aims at synthesizing clear and sharp high-quality faces. Experiments are conducted on our self-collected BeautySelfie and the public VoxCeleb1 datasets. The presented qualitative and quantitative results show that our method can reenact fine-grained higher quality faces with good ID-preserved appearance details, fewer artifacts and clearer boundaries than state-of-the-art works. Code will be released for reproduction.
updated: Sun Oct 10 2021 05:25:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sun Oct 10 2021 05:25:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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