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An Effective Leaf Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based Features
There is a warning light for the loss of plant habitats worldwide that entails concerted efforts to conserve plant biodiversity. Thus, plant species classification is of crucial importance to address this environmental challenge. In recent years, there is a considerable increase in the number of studies related to plant taxonomy. While some researchers try to improve their recognition performance using novel approaches, others concentrate on computational optimization for their framework. In addition, a few studies are diving into feature extraction to gain significantly in terms of accuracy. In this paper, we propose an effective method for the leaf recognition problem. In our proposed approach, a leaf goes through some pre-processing to extract its refined color image, vein image, xy-projection histogram, handcrafted shape, texture features, and Fourier descriptors. These attributes are then transformed into a better representation by neural network-based encoders before a support vector machine (SVM) model is utilized to classify different leaves. Overall, our approach performs a state-of-the-art result on the Flavia leaf dataset, achieving the accuracy of 99.58% on test sets under random 10-fold cross-validation and bypassing the previous methods. We also release our codesScripts are available at for contributing to the research community in the leaf classification problem.
updated: Wed Aug 04 2021 02:02:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Aug 04 2021 02:02:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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