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Deep Learning based Novel View Synthesis
Predicting novel views of a scene from real-world images has always been a challenging task. In this work, we propose a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) which learns to predict novel views of a scene from given collection of images. In comparison to prior deep learning based approaches, which can handle only a fixed number of input images to predict novel view, proposed approach works with different numbers of input images. The proposed model explicitly performs feature extraction and matching from a given pair of input images and estimates, at each pixel, the probability distribution (pdf) over possible depth levels in the scene. This pdf is then used for estimating the novel view. The model estimates multiple predictions of novel view, one estimate per input image pair, from given image collection. The model also estimates an occlusion mask and combines multiple novel view estimates in to a single optimal prediction. The finite number of depth levels used in the analysis may cause occasional blurriness in the estimated view. We mitigate this issue with simple multi-resolution analysis which improves the quality of the estimates. We substantiate the performance on different datasets and show competitive performance.
updated: Wed Jul 14 2021 16:15:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Jul 14 2021 16:15:36 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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