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Yet another but more efficient black-box adversarial attack: tiling and evolution strategies
We introduce a new black-box attack achieving state of the art performances. Our approach is based on a new objective function, borrowing ideas from ℓ_∞-white box attacks, and particularly designed to fit derivative-free optimization requirements. It only requires to have access to the logits of the classifier without any other information which is a more realistic scenario. Not only we introduce a new objective function, we extend previous works on black box adversarial attacks to a larger spectrum of evolution strategies and other derivative-free optimization methods. We also highlight a new intriguing property that deep neural networks are not robust to single shot tiled attacks. Our models achieve, with a budget limited to 10,000 queries, results up to 99.2% of success rate against InceptionV3 classifier with 630 queries to the network on average in the untargeted attacks setting, which is an improvement by 90 queries of the current state of the art. In the targeted setting, we are able to reach, with a limited budget of 100,000, 100% of success rate with a budget of 6,662 queries on average, i.e. we need 800 queries less than the current state of the art.
updated: Thu Nov 21 2019 10:48:51 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sat Oct 05 2019 10:36:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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