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A Survey on Rain Removal from Video and Single Image
Rain streaks might severely degenerate the performance of video/image processing tasks. The investigations on rain removal from video or a single image has thus been attracting much research attention in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition, and various methods have been proposed against this task in the recent years. However, there is still not a comprehensive survey paper to summarize current rain removal methods and fairly compare their generalization performance, and especially, still not a off-the-shelf toolkit to accumulate recent representative methods for easy performance comparison and capability evaluation. Aiming at this meaningful task, in this study we present a comprehensive review for current rain removal methods for video and a single image. Specifically, these methods are categorized into model-driven and data-driven approaches, and more elaborate branches of each approach are further introduced. Intrinsic capabilities, especially generalization, of representative state-of-the-art methods of each approach have been evaluated and analyzed by experiments implemented on synthetic and real data both visually and quantitatively. Furthermore, we release a comprehensive repository, including direct links to 74 rain removal papers, source codes of 9 methods for video rain removal and 20 ones for single image rain removal, 19 related project pages, 6 synthetic datasets and 4 real ones, and 4 commonly used image quality metrics, to facilitate reproduction and performance comparison of current existing methods for general users. Some limitations and research issues worthy to be further investigated have also been discussed for future research of this direction.
updated: Thu Oct 03 2019 16:18:32 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Sep 18 2019 10:05:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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