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kPAM-SC: Generalizable Manipulation Planning using KeyPoint Affordance and Shape Completion
Manipulation planning is the task of computing robot trajectories that move a set of objects to their target configuration while satisfying physically feasibility. In contrast to existing works that assume known object templates, we are interested in manipulation planning for a category of objects with potentially unknown instances and large intra-category shape variation. To achieve it, we need an object representation with which the manipulation planner can reason about both the physical feasibility and desired object configuration, while being generalizable to novel instances. The widely-used pose representation is not suitable, as representing an object with a parameterized transformation from a fixed template cannot capture large intra-category shape variation. Hence, we propose a new hybrid object representation consisting of semantic keypoint and dense geometry (a point cloud or mesh) as the interface between the perception module and motion planner. Leveraging advances in learning-based keypoint detection and shape completion, both dense geometry and keypoints can be perceived from raw sensor input. Using the proposed hybrid object representation, we formulate the manipulation task as a motion planning problem which encodes both the object target configuration and physical feasibility for a category of objects. In this way, many existing manipulation planners can be generalized to categories of objects, and the resulting perception-to-action manipulation pipeline is robust to large intra-category shape variation. Extensive hardware experiments demonstrate our pipeline can produce robot trajectories that accomplish tasks with never-before-seen objects.
updated: Mon Sep 16 2019 04:15:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Mon Sep 16 2019 04:15:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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