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Zero-Shot Action Recognition in Videos: A Survey
Zero-Shot Action Recognition has attracted attention in the last years and many approaches have been proposed for recognition of objects, events and actions in images and videos. There is a demand for methods that can classify instances from classes that are not present in the training of models, especially in the complex problem of automatic video understanding, since collecting, annotating and labeling videos are difficult and laborious tasks. We have identified that there are many methods available in the literature, however, it is difficult to categorize which techniques can be considered state of the art. Despite the existence of some surveys about zero-shot action recognition in still images and experimental protocol, there is no work focused on videos. Therefore, we present a survey of the methods that comprise techniques to perform visual feature extraction and semantic feature extraction as well to learn the mapping between these features considering specifically zero-shot action recognition in videos. We also provide a complete description of datasets, experiments and protocols, presenting open issues and directions for future work, essential for the development of the computer vision research field.
updated: Tue Nov 17 2020 17:10:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Sep 13 2019 19:57:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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