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PCRNet: Point Cloud Registration Network using PointNet Encoding
PointNet has recently emerged as a popular representation for unstructured point cloud data, allowing application of deep learning to tasks such as object detection, segmentation and shape completion. However, recent works in literature have shown the sensitivity of the PointNet representation to pose misalignment. This paper presents a novel framework that uses the PointNet representation to align point clouds and perform registration for applications such as tracking, 3D reconstruction and pose estimation. We develop a framework that compares PointNet features of template and source point clouds to find the transformation that aligns them accurately. Depending on the prior information about the shape of the object formed by the point clouds, our framework can produce approaches that are shape specific or general to unseen shapes. The shape specific approach uses a Siamese architecture with fully connected (FC) layers and is robust to noise and initial misalignment in data. We perform extensive simulation and real-world experiments to validate the efficacy of our approach and compare the performance with state-of-art approaches.
updated: Mon Nov 04 2019 04:52:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Wed Aug 21 2019 15:10:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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