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HomebrewedDB: RGB-D Dataset for 6D Pose Estimation of 3D Objects
Among the most important prerequisites for creating and evaluating 6D object pose detectors are datasets with labeled 6D poses. With the advent of deep learning, demand for such datasets is growing continuously. Despite the fact that some of exist, they are scarce and typically have restricted setups, such as a single object per sequence, or they focus on specific object types, such as textureless industrial parts. Besides, two significant components are often ignored: training using only available 3D models instead of real data and scalability, i.e. training one method to detect all objects rather than training one detector per object. Other challenges, such as occlusions, changing light conditions and changes in object appearance, as well precisely defined benchmarks are either not present or are scattered among different datasets. In this paper we present a dataset for 6D pose estimation that covers the above-mentioned challenges, mainly targeting training from 3D models (both textured and textureless), scalability, occlusions, and changes in light conditions and object appearance. The dataset features 33 objects (17 toy, 8 household and 8 industry-relevant objects) over 13 scenes of various difficulty. We also present a set of benchmarks to test various desired detector properties, particularly focusing on scalability with respect to the number of objects and resistance to changing light conditions, occlusions and clutter. We also set a baseline for the presented benchmarks using a state-of-the-art DPOD detector. Considering the difficulty of making such datasets, we plan to release the code allowing other researchers to extend this dataset or make their own datasets in the future.
updated: Mon Sep 30 2019 18:49:11 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Fri Apr 05 2019 17:16:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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