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Calibration Wizard: A Guidance System for Camera Calibration Based on Modelling Geometric and Corner Uncertainty
It is well known that the accuracy of a calibration depends strongly on the choice of camera poses from which images of a calibration object are acquired. We present a system -- Calibration Wizard -- that interactively guides a user towards taking optimal calibration images. For each new image to be taken, the system computes, from all previously acquired images, the pose that leads to the globally maximum reduction of expected uncertainty on intrinsic parameters and then guides the user towards that pose. We also show how to incorporate uncertainty in corner point position in a novel principled manner, for both, calibration and computation of the next best pose. Synthetic and real-world experiments are performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Calibration Wizard.
updated: Tue Sep 03 2019 12:51:32 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Nov 08 2018 04:40:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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