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Restricted Deformable Convolution based Road Scene Semantic Segmentation Using Surround View Cameras
Understanding the surrounding environment of the vehicle is still one of the challenges for autonomous driving. This paper addresses 360-degree road scene semantic segmentation using surround view cameras, which are widely equipped in existing production cars. First, in order to address large distortion problem in the fisheye images, Restricted Deformable Convolution (RDC) is proposed for semantic segmentation, which can effectively model geometric transformations by learning the shapes of convolutional filters conditioned on the input feature map. Second, in order to obtain a large-scale training set of surround view images, a novel method called zoom augmentation is proposed to transform conventional images to fisheye images. Finally, an RDC based semantic segmentation model is built; the model is trained for real-world surround view images through a multi-task learning architecture by combining real-world images with transformed images. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the RDC to handle images with large distortions, and that the proposed approach shows a good performance using surround view cameras with the help of the transformed images.
updated: Mon Sep 16 2019 14:14:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Tue Jan 02 2018 16:23:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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