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Connection between continuous and digital n-manifolds and the Poincare conjecture
 n次元ディスクによる閉じたn次元多様体のLCLカバーを導入し、その特性を研究します。 n次元の球のLCLカバーは、2n + 2ディスクで構成される最小のLCLカバーに変換できることを示します。このコレクションの交差グラフがデジタルn球である場合にのみ、nディスクのLCLコレクションが連続n球のカバーであることを証明します。閉じた連続n多様体とデジタルn多様体のLCLカバー間のリンクを使用して、連続した閉じた3次元多様体が3次元球である条件を見つけます。閉じた連続3次元多様体とデジタル3多様体の分類問題の関係について説明します。
We introduce LCL covers of closed n-dimensional manifolds by n-dimensional disks and study their properties. We show that any LCL cover of an n-dimensional sphere can be converted to the minimal LCL cover, which consists of 2n+2 disks. We prove that an LCL collection of n-disks is a cover of a continuous n-sphere if and only if the intersection graph of this collection is a digital n-sphere. Using a link between LCL covers of closed continuous n-manifolds and digital n-manifolds, we find conditions where a continuous closed three-dimensional manifold is the three-dimensional sphere. We discuss a connection between the classification problems for closed continuous three-dimensional manifolds and digital three-manifolds.
updated: Thu Aug 24 2006 17:45:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Thu Aug 24 2006 17:45:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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