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The Poincare conjecture for digital spaces. Properties of digital n-dimensional disks and spheres
 ポアンカレ予想に動機付けられて、連続した対応物のデジタルモデルであるデジタルn次元球とディスクの特性を研究します。連結性、次元、オイラー特性、多様体の相同性グループを保持するデジタル多様体の同相変換を導入します。 n次元デジタル多様体がn次元デジタル球である条件を見つけ、連続閉n多様体とそのデジタルモデルの間のリンクについて説明します。
Motivated by the Poincare conjecture, we study properties of digital n-dimensional spheres and disks, which are digital models of their continuous counterparts. We introduce homeomorphic transformations of digital manifolds, which retain the connectedness, the dimension, the Euler characteristics and the homology groups of manifolds. We find conditions where an n-dimensional digital manifold is the n-dimensional digital sphere and discuss the link between continuous closed n-manifolds and their digital models.
updated: Sun Apr 02 2006 19:55:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
published: Sun Apr 02 2006 19:55:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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